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  • Scholarship Service & Fill-A-Pew - Join us as we seek to fill the church. Donations will go towards scholarships. Scholarship recipients are awarded during this service (August 30, 10:15AM)
  • Fellowship ServiceSolid Rock BC Visits Chippey. Dinner will be served at 2PM. (September 13, 3:00PM)


  • Quarterly Church Meeting - CHIPPEY MEMBERS ONLY - A review of last quarter's accomplishments and affirmation of coming commitments. (September 16, 7:00PM)
  • Fellowship ServiceNew Jubilee Church Visits Chippey. Dinner will be served at 2PM. (September 20, 3:00PM)
  • Family Promise Hosting at HUMC - (September 24, 4:00PM)
  • Chippey’s “Yard Not-For-Sale” Community Event - Join us as we do our best to bless the community--all items are FREE! (September 26, 9:00AM)
  • Chippey’s Women’s Ministry Outdoor Concert The Chippey Women are hosting an outdoor concert with visiting choirs and soloists. All are welcome! (September 26, 4:00PM)
  • Chippey Tent Worship Service – Spread the word so the word can be heard!!! (September 27, 10:15AM)



Our church, located in the heart of Hockessin, Delaware offers Christians an inviting close knit atmosphere in which to worship and grow spiritually. If you are looking for a place where everyone is always welcome – if you are looking for a place to discover your purpose in Christ – if you are seeking renewal and a clean start, then look no further.

We are eager to help you develop your relationship with God no matter if you are new to Christianity or have walked with the Lord for many years.

We encourage each other to pursue our vision of “Living a balanced life that reaches up (worship), reaches in (discipleship), and reaches out (evangelism).

[Scripture] Matthew 22:37 KJV Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.




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